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Mission-Driven Resource Development

C3 is an innovator and leader that strives to be the most responsible supplier of critical mineral resources for the development of advanced materials and cleaner energy technologies that address the most pressing environmental and development issues.

C3 is committed to creating ecological and social value for all stakeholders; economic value for Chile and the Chilean communities in which it operates; and financial value for its shareholders.


The Company recognizes that a healthy global economy is essential to its success, and that a strong economy is built upon healthy
social and ecological systems.

C3 utilizes the IRMA Principles to guide its work:

Business Integrity

  • C3 will conduct business in a transparent manner that complies with applicable host country and international laws, respects human rights, and builds trust and credibility with workers, communities, and stakeholders.

Planning and Managing for Positive Legacies

  • C3 will engage with stakeholders from the early planning stages and throughout the mine life cycle to ensure that its mining project is planned and managed to deliver positive economic, social, and environmental legacies for companies, workers, and communities.

Social Responsibility

  • C3 will engage with workers, stakeholders, and rights holders to maintain or enhance the health, safety, cultural values, quality of life, and livelihoods of workers and communities.

Environmental Responsibility

  • C3 will engage with stakeholders to ensure that mining is planned and carried out in a manner that maintains or enhances environmental values and avoids or minimizes impacts to the environment and communities.

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